Oscistudio and Blender 2.8?


Oscistudio doesn’t have built-in tools for that.

However, you can do it in blender, so what Oscistudio “sees” is more useful.

If you use a plugin in Blender called “Animation Nodes”, you can get much finer control over many aspects of your blender project, including a node that only shows what a specific camera sees.

Learning Animation Nodes is a little involved, but is worth IMHO.

I’ve got a couple of tutorials on the topic of hiding backfaces, and the blender examples I’ve included utilize the “Point In Camera Frustrum” node in animation nodes. It’s a bit involved, but worth it to get clear visuals.

And also, here’s a write-up I did on the subject in Blender Stack Exchange:

Here’s a link to Animation Nodes:

BTW, all of my examples are using Blender 2.79, and I haven’t tested it all in Blender 2.8x yet.