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Lucky I have a little discord experience ! Am doing Quantum research I find this very intriguing.
Your analog to digital idea into a frequency and power is such a great idea
I will not go into detail but if we can write wave structured matter with a sound wave it might give me the tool I need for a very high Q resonant circuit . I am very busy but will buy your software in the next few week .As I understand it is a oscilloscope that you have done a A to D conversion then in to a harmonic generator to get sin wave out put?


ok I downloaded the free Oscilloscope tried a couple sound file I had,
this is very very cool.
I see the variable setting , and played with them . Amazing what sound looks like in wave form . I have been a optical coating Lab owner for 45 years and seen so many optical waves(interferometery spectral,xray Crystal ),and done optical wavelength telecommunication wavelength division multiplexing down to 10 nm band pass in the terahertz , but never understood till I watch your and your other friend explanation . now I get how they can work with such low signal to noise