Animation Cues in OsciStudio


I’ve been messing around and learning about oscistudio. Most everything makes sense, but I can’t figure out how animation cues work. I was reading the reference provided with the download, but I couldn’t find anything about it in there.


you hover over the slider you want to animate, and press “e” (or right click > add envelope), you might have to switch over to the “envelopes” section yourself. now modify the curve to your liking and press “play”.

the slider itself will get a tiny yellow box that is either:

  • yellow filled: means an animation controls the slider, just drag it with your mouse to deactivate the animation
  • yellow outline: means it’s deactivated. hover on top and press “e” again to reconnect the animation

does that help? i can add some screenshots/a demovideo to make it clearer.


I was actually talking about this feature. Sorry for not being as clear as I could have been.


man i totally fel you this documentation doesnt help a lot, i stil dontunderstand how to use the animation part



yea, that part was highly expertimental back then and the new version is of course again taking much longer than anticipated. the process is:

  1. create a new cue or click the pen icon on an existing queue. this brings you into edit mode
  2. right click any slider and select “add to cue”
  3. repeat for as many sliders as you like
  4. click the pen icon again to end registering sliders

now that you have registered all those sliders to the cue, let’s change some values!

  1. click the “2” at the bottom of your queue to select the second preset
  2. randomly change the sliders inside the queue (if the chain icon is active, then the changes are immediately reflected on the target sliders)
  3. now click “play 1” at the bottom -> you should get a 1 second animation to your old values
  4. change the time (T) slider to 5 and click “play 2” -> you should get a 5 second animation to the changed values

does that make sense to you?


This is great, thanks!