Animation from Blender into OsciStudio



This is my first ever attempt to patch a simple python script for Blender 2.9 that could import a series of of svg files that conform an animation. Perhaps of use to someone else here.

I want to be able to enable and disable their visibility so to simulate an animation, this is to be sent to a software called OsciStudio that generates sound from the objects on the viewport.

What I have tried is this:

import bpy
import glob
import os  

# path to your folder

importDir = "/Volumes/250GB/16mm/rotoscope/stillsprecol/select/" 
print("Importing all SVG from this directory", importDir)


for files in glob.glob("*.svg"):
    print( files, "... imported!" )

for i, obj in enumerate(bpy.context.selected_objects, 1): = obj = "Curve" + str(i)

    obj.location = (3.0, 4.0, 10.0)
    obj.keyframe_insert(data_path="location", frame=1)

Importing works fine, i get all the files layered and selected but have no idea on how to add a keyframe to each layer, progressively and separated by 10 frames.

I’m using blender 2.9 under OS X

TIA for any, really any, help


Looks like you got some good help over on stackexchange? Good folks over there for blender coding help…


definetively yes. Still some more can be done to leverage the complexity of curves before sending them to Oscistudio… i have tried with

``bpy.ops.curve.decimate( *ratio=1.0* )

But I see no changes on the curve and, cause of the many layers generated OsciStudio turns red… like saturated.



Maybe try a lower value (i.e. 0.5 or something) for the ratio. I know there’s a built-in blender add-on called simplify curves. While this requires manual intervention (something you’re trying to avoid, I understand,) you might get some insight on how that add-on works by looking at the python code…


you can import a series of SVGs as animation directly into oscistudio, without blender at all.

  1. open oscistudio
  2. select all your files in explorer/finder
  3. drag them onto the top of a group in oscistudio and hold ctrl key
  4. release the mouse button :slight_smile:

you should now be able to use the “time” slider of that group to go through the different files


you both thanks for the replies.

I have tried loading directly into OsciStudio, get the layers but see no change or effect on sliding the “time” slider.
No matter I load the .svg’s while holding cmd o ctrl (on a mac).

I have tried creating a sequence through the Timeline and using a very low frequency I get the effect of onion skin… so getting closer to a short loop animation of 10 layers. But not yet there.

Will see if I can get a better grasp of .svg files as frames for an animation using the VAMP Blender plugin and trying again the export animation feature.