Audio Crackle? Windows 11 UAD Thunderbolt interface


OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: windows 11

Wondering if someone can help me. I installed Oscistudio on my PC and new any audio it makes is crakled and chopped and impossible to work with. I tried matching the sample rates, which was an issue. If i change to my monitor speakers it works fine, but i cant use those speakers for the long term. Anyone else have a simmilar sutiation of an idea of a fix?


hm… don’t think i’ve seen/heard of this before. just to be clear: all audio crackles now, or only oscistudio?

can you record some audio with your phone and post it here? i’m curious what it sounds like.


Sorry, I ghosted you on this topic. life got busy and now I’m trying to get back into it. Still the same issues though. Have attached a video of a few seconds worth of running the test audio. I can’t figure it out. Be happy to share more stats on my computer If you think it would help you diagnose my issue. Comparison or context, I run Ableton live regularly without a hiccup. PC is in Intel i7- 10 700. 2.9ghz 16 gigs of ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



thanks for the video.

can you make sure the sample rate you select in oscistudio matches the one set in your interface. when you that, and then try a few different buffer sizes in oscistudio, does the crackle change / go away?


all the sample rate and buffer size settings match. still tons of crackles. it does go away though if i change the audio out to my monitor speakers. This is less than ideal for music creation, the speakers suck, but its some kind of a clue. So thunderbolt audio to a UAudio Interface should usually be ok? have you ever known anyone to set up some sort of a virtual driver to maybe play more nicely with iscilistudio?


only sample rate needs to match. did you try different buffer sizes as i suggested?

ps. no, i would generally advice against any kind of virtual driver.


I did change buffer sizes, that changed the severity of the issue, some better, some worse, but nothing cleaned it up.


which concrete sample rate and buffer sizes did you set in uaudio?


48hz and 512 samples is my normal. i tried 44.1 and 512 as well, maybe slightly less noise but not a fix at all. Frustrating that selecting my crappy asus display speakers fixes the problem completely


tbh, i’m slowly running out of ideas.

i did listen to your recording again, and it’s crazy how wrong it is.
can you record the loopback from the device and send me the recording?

if i have that i can take some exact measurements on how the crackle to sound ratio is, which might give hints as to where the problem could lie.

do you have issues with other programs too, or is it just oscistudio?
the reason i’m asking is that oscistudio uses the windows apis to play sound. so if a program works with one output (like your asus display), it should work with all of them.

and, one more question: is it possible that you are using asio drivers or something along those lines at the same time? generally i advice against asio. it’s just another virtual layer on top, and i’ve seen it do more harm than good.