Basic question from a total beginner


Hi all,

can’t believe how much I’m enjoying fiddling with this program so far. I just had a basic question about what kind of shapes are best when it comes to matching the input source.

I’m showing a side by side comparison of Oscistudio and Blender. Am I assuming correctly that those ‘wavy’ lines in Oscistudio are unavoidable, just due to how sound works?

Also wondering if anybody is using Oscistudio in conjunction with a sampler or something similar? Is there any way to export seamless sound loops?

Thanks for any help, I’m sure I’ll have a million more questions :smiley:


there is a way to get rid of this. it’s a bit of manual work:

  1. make sure you combine all curves into a single curve (looks good in your screenshot)
  2. go into edit mode for the curve
  3. split each of the curves open wherever they face other characters. often it’s useful to subdivide that segment first (e.g. split G on the right, R and A left and right, and M on the left)
  4. connect all the open letters together so it forms a single long curve

i was a bit sloppy and forgot the insides of “R” and “A” which would require the same treatment, but here is a very rough version of the process:


if needed, subdivide to get more points,

then movesome vertices around to place them close to one another (for me: most of them just move down)

then delete the unneeded segments:

now connect the vertices up so it becomes on long curve instead of many short curves:

you can have the bridges connecting the letters very slim, or as wide as the letters, as you prefer.

finally do the same thing for the holes inside R and A (i forgot to do that)

if you did it once this process should be quite fast.


ps. sorry, i missed your second question. to export a loop you have two choices:

  1. to export a loop press ctrl+b (or cmd+b on a mac)
  2. to export a wavetable (a single cycle for use in a wavetable synth) right click the coordinate system in oscistudio and select “export current wavetable”)

let me know if you want more detailed instructions for my other reply about blender, i can also make you a short video.