Blender error when trying to install addon


new member here and a total beginner both to blender and oscistudio
i just got oscistudio and blender but i cant figure out how to conect them together
i tryied to install the .py file in blender but i get an error (attached a screenshot)
im using blender 2.79 oscistudio 6 and win10
any help will be much appriciated
thank you.


Just figured it out…
tnx anyway :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue, would you mind sharing how you fixed it? Using Blender V2.7.9 with OsciStudio A6, and on Windows 10.


Im sorry i remember it was something simple but i cant remember what it was …
maybe it was just choosing the zip file from blender preferences instead of unzipping it first ?
but im not sure and i dont get the error now so i cant find out…
hope you figured out yourself by now…
if ill recollect ill definitely let u know
good luck