Blurred Image from Blender


OsciStudio Version: 0.6.0
Operating System: OSX Sierra
Blender Version: 2.79

Hey there,

Seems like the Image I transport from blender to Osci Studio is “blurred” whie the outlines from blender are super sharp - I cant get a clear result like the samples that comes with OsciStudio itself. The model in blender is a diamond.

Thank you!


I’m not sure without checking your settings and hesitate to guess. I would try a few tests.
Is your audio rate high enough?
Higher Frequencies carry over more detailed resolutions and cleaner lines in Oscistudio.
I hope it’s all working for you now



the wobbles you are seeing are a combination of the number of edges in your model, together with the samplerate:

  • more edges -> more wobbles
  • lower samplerate -> more wobbles