Clipping on outside of screen


OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello everyone,
Playing around with oscilloscope music, I have had some issues with the trace of the image (created by Oscistudio connected to blender) will clip the animation into a line when it is outside of its borders - even with it in view. For my clouds I have a wireframe outside the view of my scope screen and gently slide them down. I have tried this on my oscilloscope and it is also showing the same.

Is there any way to remove this? As I would like the clouds to only appear when in frame without the border

Many thanks in Advance,

The clouds are above the field of view in the top in the image below


Sorry to post again but here are what the clouds look like - What I mean are the straight lines showing the limits - which I would like to remove.


I am not sure of a plugin that will do this, but what you’re seeing is the maximum volume being reached. You can theoretically fix it by chopping off the top of the volume somehow, perhaps with a special kind of limiter. Not one that preserves the audio, but actively clips/deletes the audio that goes above a certain threshold.


this is a surprisingly tricky problem you came across, and there is no general purpose solution.

if you gave different names to your objects (“cloud1”, “cloud2”, “plane”, etc.), then you can adjust the brightness of each object by using the sliders at the very top of each track.

does that help you? beyond that it gets really tricky really quickly.