Closing Oscistudio Crashes Blender


One of the things oscistudio cannot do is detect a new audio device while its still running. To do that you need to restart the application. If you do that while blender is still connected, Blender will crash and you’ll lose whatever you were doing in Blender. I think the plugin should have a more graceful method of saying it lost connection, perhaps just automatically disconnecting and requiring the user to press connect again would be perfectly fine expected behavior. auto reconnecting would be fancy, but not that important.


in A6 there’s a tiny refresh arrow ⭮ above the audio device list. if you press that, it should refresh the devices from the system.


Good to know. We should still help Blender be less crashy though.


don’t want to put the blame on blender. it’s really more a combination of socket problems combined with less than ideal python and c++ code… “it’s all very complicated” :slight_smile: