Could OsciStudio Support OSC?


In a future version of OsciStudio would it be possible to add support for OSC? I’m asking because while midi cc works great, sometimes I would like to have more precision than midi can offer. afaik, OSC is the only other option.


You can control it with MIDI??? How? I didn’t know that. That would open up all kinds of new possibilities

  1. when starting oscistudio select your midi control device from the dropdown
  2. press “start”
  3. press “m” to enter midi mapping mode (all usable sliders turn blue)
  4. click the slider you want to map, it starts blinking
  5. move the respective slider on your midi controller
  6. press “m” again to leave midi mapping mode

you can also right click any slider to delete the mapping or to manually map.

hope that helps.


Oh, same feature (Open Sound Control) OSC I was wondering about!