Delay / Crash when generating drawings from animation nodes in Blender


OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: Windows

When I make a drawing with more complex movements, OsciStudio crashes, I wish it didn’t happen


can you “bake” your node output? i mean… can you create a file that doesn’t require me to install animation nodes, but that still crashes oscistudio?


I don’t quite understand … I’m doing this with little time, I’m creating drawings from equations in AnimationNodes and passing the drawing to OsciStudio, but when the movement in Blender or OsciStudio freezes.


yes, what i’m asking is… can you isolate the error a bit?


An explicit error does not appear, an error number or code does not appear. Apparently OsciStudio freezes by receiving more information than it can represent. If you leave the movement of the drawing in Blender, it freezes, when paused, it returns.


please record a video, or post your blender file (but remove animation nodes first, i don’t want to debug the node setup). it’s a bit hard to imagine what’s going on exactly…


This might be the core of the issue. Maybe try a simpler version (i.e. fewer vertices) of your project, and see if that works?


Images with fewer vertices work, but only with very simplified images


I recorded a video of the problem, where could I send it?


either upload to youtube, or directly here (there should be an upload button when you write a comment)



i suspect your geometry is quite complicated even though the result looks simple,
and then you are just overflowing oscistudio with data.

if you pause and just go frame by frame it works?


When I go from frame to frame it works.
But is there any way I can make drawings like this in any way that works?


How can you make moving images without going through the program, knowing how to help me with this?


Have you tried the ‘send animation’ feature? It’s meant for sending complex animations over to oscistudio. This is my typical workflow:

-Prep a scene/animation in blender
-Connect to oscistudio
-Click ‘send animation’
-Ensure animation is working in oscistudio (‘Time’ parameter slider should be zero to frame count)
-Disconnect blender from oscistudio. Oscistudio now has your animation for further processing.


yes, send animation is exactly the way to go!

thx zippy!