Design Techniques and Setup


Can anyone suggest some cool techniques?
I want to be able to control OsciStudio with the fundamental understanding of how geometry morphs with sliders and controls. What works best?

:sparkles:Here’s my first attempt:

OsciStudio, Ableton Max/and or Midi, Blender,
Operating System: Win 10


looks pretty good to me already ^^

i think you can squeeze out a lot more by doing making smaller files in oscistudio, and then cutting them up in ableton.

have you discovered the “bounce” feature? if not: press ctrl+b (cmd+b on mac) in oscistudio to export a high quality version of the entire timeline.


Thanks so much for the advice, Great Forum!
Yes, love this feature, very flexible, locks everything down just like freezing midi to audio, with added bonus it saves processor resources.
I will try importing svg to blender and exporting more objects. I have a bunch of ideas for 3D but I need practice with Blender to build up a simple library of objects.
How does the block 1,2,3,4 etc work? I attach a photo here to show what I’m asking about. I know they are multiple envelopes. Can someone advise me?
When I dropped the sample text files in OsciStudio I was amazed, and the files are helping me see many techniques in action, which this thread is about. Techniques that only oscilloscope benefits from, as the visuals or sound should not detract from one another but become synergistic and dynamic with one another, not one sacrificing the other.

I also learned about audio easter eggs generally, using a spectrogram to see embedded pictures.
My selfie image is in small audio clips to put in some tracks I make as a sort of watermark. (ego haha).
I’ve also began looking into PureData, Vector Synthesis (not the dave smith and korg vector, that is something else).
Oh and LiveCoding! Taking a look now!


when you have multiple shapes (e.g by dragging multiple files onto a track at once, or my using blender), then the different names show up as sliders. in this case: block1, block2, etc.

the sliders let you choose how visible each element is. in your screenshot only block6 is playing. you can imagine it a bit like a mixer, except that it works fundamentally different internally :slight_smile:


Top man! Much appreciated for the reply.
I didn’t realise. Yes, that is great to be able to drop a bunch of objects on one track.