Different FX for different objects?


Hansi: I’m stuck trying do do something, not sure if it’s possible in OS.

This image is made of two mesh objects. A central spiral, and an outer circle.

I would like to be able to run a dash and trace FX on the central spiral, but have the exterior circle stay solid and unaffected, but with a rotate FX in 3D.

Is this possible within OS?

I know there are multiple midi group ‘channels’ in Oscistudio (2,3,4,5), and I could put the meshes in different channels with different FX chains.

However, I believe that OS just adds the two audio channels together. This is useful sometimes for interesting patterns, but if I try to send complex images, it’s a blurry mess.

It would be great if Oscistudio was able to cleanly combine signals from different channels with different FX chains, using PWM or whatever method you’re currently using to show multiple meshes at the same time on a single channel.

Is this already possible somehow?



unfortunately … no, there is no real way at the moment :frowning:


OK, thanks for confirming. Consider that a feature request, then!

I am able to achieve some of this in Blender directly, but it would not be as accessible to the typical oscistudio user…