Does Oscilloscope work with the Laser Cube?


I am interested in buying Oscilloscope to create some of my own laser-controlled audio pieces. Does anyone know if the 1W laser Cube by Wicked lasers will work? I have seen the demos in the laserOS software which showed two pieces by Jerobeam Fenderson, and would love to dive deeper into this.



mmmm… not with the public release.
it definitely works with the next version which has no release date.


hello, iam also new here and there …

my wish was the same, i will put some selfmade stuff with oscilloscope + blender into the lasercube.
(visual + audio data)

today for first i found out i can get the visual data after recording in oscilloscope studio with the
tool “Oscilloscope”

after this i have a lot .tiff data, they can i bring into .svg or other format that lasercube can read.
Ok after this i can load the visual data into lasercube (but without sound)

my next idea was to record the sound separately with audio recorder and then maybe follow this in laserOs
" Click the star logo, and assign the mode/fx to a custom playlist. Set duration if going to setup a timeline. In music playlist (click music icon), select a song, click star, select custom playlist, and you sync play them. "

sound not that it was the best way i think ^^ better options ?


Hey again,

this is now the way i go, mybe it is fixing your problem too.
i made a little tuturial in 2 minutes, it is .pdf you can see here

best regards


Hi, thank you @h4ze for your tutorial, it has been very useful for me!