Export video and audio together


Please develop such a feature. Am stuck with my project not being able to put it together video and sound straight from the program. Also what I’ve noticed is, it takes lot’s of precious time to put notes and automate over and over same sequence not being able to copy and paste it, that is a waste of time as a creator. Please make artist(s) life easier :slight_smile:



about the notes: you can select notes and then hold ctrl while dragging to duplicate them (hold instead cmd on a mac).
(make sure edit mode is off, the little pen icon on the side, shortcut is ‘b’)

about the video export: yes, i understand… it’s requested a lot. how do you do it at the moment?
not so conventient, but once you have the process down it’s very fast to do it manually:

  1. save your wav file one way or the other
  2. bring it into the free oscilloscope simulator https://oscilloscopemusic.com/osci.php
  3. change hue, stroke weight, etc. to your liking
  4. press ‘e’ to export (enter a folder name when prompted) . this gives you an image sequence
  5. now bring together wav file and image sequence (either with ffmpeg if you like the command line, or some free video editor like davinci resolve)


Thanks for the tips! Really helpful! Just finished my first attempt on oscilloscope music. This thing never gets me bored :slight_smile:

Here is the video:


Looks sick digital cash!!


Thanks sargentpilcher! am just exploring this world. So much fun!


Looks like waffles. Sweet!


Hi, I downloaded the latest version but can not save it as wav. How to save file as wav?


you have a few options:

  1. press the record button :red_circle:. this prompts you for a wav file to save, then press again to stop
  2. press again, but hold shift. this also starts recording, but chooses an automatic filename
  3. press ctrl+b: bounce, this exports the whole timeline as a wav file