Exporting with a transparent background


Is there an option to change the background at the time of exporting? More specifically, a transparent background. The posibilites when combining animation and other video production techniques are limitless when having control of the alpha settings!


Those same options typically exist for other values as well. An alpha channel is nothing but a numerical value for a pixel at a given location. Same thing with color. In after effects, apple motion, and davinci resolve (I don’t know other software), you can achieve this with the black channel, so it’s very easy, and you don’t need an alpha channel at all to do it. I believe if you set it to luminance instead of alpha, then that should do it because black, like alpha, is nothing but a numerical RGB value (0,0,0) that the computer can use in place of the alpha.

Alternatively you can use chroma key methods and use black as your key color.


That makes a lot of sense!! I’ll try it with Davinci. Thanks!