Filming the Scope


What cameras are people using to film their scopes? I’ve been messing around with a friends camera, but I’m looking into buying my own. Curious what has been working for other people.

  • use any video camera or slr.
  • don’t zoom out too far, you don’t want a fisheye effect
  • darkness is your friend
  • if you’re motivated, build a tube from camera to the scope to block external light (i have a box that contains scope + camera, so i can keep the room light on)
  • turn the scope intensity down as much as you can, this gives you more precise, slimmer curves.
  • resync the whole thing later to add in the original audio and discard camera audio.


Are some cameras better than others? The one I’m currently borrowing from a friend doesn’t let me set the iso when filming manually.


what are you using?

in general: the bigger the sensor, the better.


it’s just an old rebel t3. It works better than my phone, but it’s a little annoying because there’s no manual way to adjust the iso and you can’t change the shutter angle at all.


always use “everything manual” (M) mode on your camera. rebel t3 should be good for filming the scope.

the quick overview for your camera has instructions: page 2, bottom half of the page, 2nd column from the left :slight_smile: