Flickering Interface


OsciStudio Version: A6
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi there. I’ve just downloaded oscistudio and I’m really enjoying it so far, however I have a minor problem - the entire window is constantly flickering. Not the oscilloscope output, but the actual program window itself. This doesn’t seem to effect functionality in any way but it is mildly annoying. If anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I have the same problem when I use it on my laptop but not my desktop. Waiting for a solution


mee threeeee <333 same problem


typically this is a problem with the intel integrated graphics cards driver, and often it can be solved by making sure the graphics drivers up to date.

@magnet.0 is that the case for you / does that help?


no graphics card is up to date and I have same problem on two different intel laptops. also the small version of scope is at top right corner with top chopped off, covered by tool bar



i have no time this week, but i will look into this, and also the M1 version, next week.
it will mean either an early release of the next version, or an update to the last version.

i will post updates here, so you should get an email if you have notifications on.


it took a while, but the update has arrived OsciStudio A7 released