General Audio Routing & Z question


This is similar to my “Phantom audio” post below but more targeted - I’d love a way to route a 3rd Z channel of audio for my Vectrex’s, which should output DC-coupled Z offset values. I’d also like to route the same X&Y signal to separate outputs on my MOTU 16A for my studio monitors / headphone, with a separate volume control. The latter I can probably do via my audio interface’s Pro Audio Control app, but having separate Monitor leveling in OsciStudio would be more convenient, and certainly helpful to others with less-fancy audio interfaces.


at the moment i’m in completely different parts of the program.
i do have a tiny bit of work done with the z-output, but that’s not gonna be released in the near future.

as for separate volume controls:

as for the motu: i can only speak for the ultralite-mk3, that’s what i’m using. i have mine set to send audio to main-out which i plug into the oscilloscope. with the headphone-output i go into the speakers. master and phones have separate volume controls (you might have to enable/disable the “monitor” option out in cuemix fx to get separate volumes).