General Settings not showing up in Blender?


This may be a stupid question, but I have connected OsciStudio to blender in the add-ons, but when I go to the render panel to find the OsciStudio Global Settings, nothing is there. Anyone have this, or a solution?



ok, so step by step it looks like this on my computer:

enable plugin

oscistudio panel in render settings

Issue linking OsciStudio to Blender - MacOS

Here I enabled it, and it just doesn’t show up, I restarted it and tried a few times.



i think you are using the old version of the plugin. if you use your code again at you will find the updated plugin for blender 2.8+

sorry for the confusing situation. i’m working on the next release oscistudio, which will include the correct version of the plugin inside the zip file :slight_smile:

hope that resolves it for you!