Help Creating Text in OsciStudio


In this video,
Jerobeam is creating beautiful text that looks perfect! But he’s using something called Ableton with something else called a Max For Live Patch. I don’t have Ableton, never used it, and it looks pricey to buy. But I did buy OsciStudio, and want to learn to do awesome text with it.

Also, I tried using blender to write text, but I just can’t get it to work, probably because I’m a total noob at all this, and I just don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve connected Blender to OsciStudio no problem, and can create things like cubes and shapes, but text seems elusive to me. Even though I do the “Add Text” thing, and edit the text, it never shows up on OsciStudio.

Can anyone give me some advice for a novice, on how to just put a simple word on my oscilloscope that looks great like what Jerobeam does in the video above?

As always, I appreciate all the help offered here, thank you to everyone!



Hi AJ, I have been able to achieve animated text and tho I have oscistudio and blender, I have experience with Ableton Live and MAX.
Tho Ableton is pricey, it’s available as a fully functional trial for at least thirty days, and up to a 90 day trial.
Anyway, I am here to offer all creative services from bespoke Oscilloscope music to all related social media graphics. I am DMT CYMATICS and I look forward to talk with you AJ.
(Tip: use highest audio rates such as 96Khz for cleaner lines)


Thanks, DMT! Please find me on Discord if you can…
Forgotten Machines



you can create text directly in oscistudio.

  1. right click on “vector plugins”
  2. select “livecoding example” from the bottom
  3. select the “5_text” example

hope this helps!