How do I make OsciStudio use sine waves?


OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: Windows 10 v1909

I want to make OsciStudio base its output on sine waves, rather than sawtooth waves. How do I realize this goal?


I’m not sure if I’m wrong but I think output signal is not related to a specific waveform even though it really sounds similar to sawtooth for most of the situations. The output audio result is a complex mixing between waveforms which results in a drawing. If the desired audio output is to ‘sound’ like a sinewave (which I agree is more pleasant to the ear) then the graphics resulted would be more close to a single circle… What I mean, the more complex the drawing is, the farthest from sinewave sound will be. I am struggle with this too trying to keep pleasant sound and a good image projection on the oscilloscope… Tough task but not impossible😃


I still get sawtooth harmonics when Blender is drawing a circle. There is a function in Livecoding for changing the base waveform to a sine wave. I don’t remember the name of this function. I have never understood the correct syntax to use with this function.



if you add a circle in blender (with add>curve>circle), then you should only get a sine wave.
can you record some of the output you get in oscistudio and upload it here? (use the record button in oscistudio to create a short wav file)


Inside OsciStudio I cannot find a Record button.

Inside Blender 2.81, I go to Render > Render Audio. This generates a silent FLAC file.


I used Audacity to record the sound that OsciStudio makes from a circle. Here it is.