How do you reduce latency when projecting from Blender?


Whenever I try to send an animation from Blender to Oscistudio, there is a tendency for oscistudio to really lag behind even when the frame rate animation in Blender is fine. Is there any way to mitigate this problem?
OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: Windows 10


i use the live preview only for sketching.
to really work with an animation:

  1. make sure your animation in blender isn’t too long (100-200 frames is usually fine)
  2. still in blender, in the oscistudio plugin, near the connect button you see “send entire animation” --> click it
  3. this deactivates the live preview, but sends all frames to oscistudio (it might take a while)
  4. in oscistudio you now have a “time” slider, where you can pick which frame to display
  5. you can also animate this slider to play parts of the animation.

does this help you?


Hey! Thank you for the quick reply! I can’t seem to find the time slider you are mentioning, do you refer to the play button over the timeline tab? If so, for some reason it doesn’t show the animation I’ve sent from Blender.


it’s right above the object names:


Hey! That really helped :smiley: thanks a bunch!!