Import/Open Midi Files


Hi. I’m new to this, but I’ve followed your work for about a year now, and I’ve always been amazed!

I’m playing around now in the software, and I see that it has MIDI options. I see where the MIDI segment can be manually created in the timeline, but can I bring in a MIDI file created previously, and import it or open it in the software somehow?

Thank you so much, and I love this project. You guys are amazing!

Best alwaysk


I rarely use MIDI with Oscistudio, so I’m not very familiar with the capabilities.

I do know that you can send live MIDI notes and cc’s into oscistudio, and have oscistudio listen and play those notes or link cc’s to sliders/animations, etc.

Not so sure about importing a MIDI score.


Thanks so much, zippy 731. Have you ever done the “send live MIDI notes” thing you mention? If so, can you recommend a simple procedure for beginners?



Well, it’s kind of complex regardless. But the basics are:

  1. You need something to generate MIDI notes. In my case, I used my DAW software (FL Studio) to create MIDI. I assume you could use any MIDI generator, either software or a physical MIDI keyboard controller.

  2. You need something to route the notes to OsciStudio. In my case, I use loopMIDI, which is a free utility that allows you to create virtual MIDI routing cables in your PC. Important to note that this is not AUDIO routing, it’s MIDI signal routing.

Using loopMIDI, you create a virtual path from the MIDI generator to a MIDI channel that OsciStudio can ‘listen’ to. You also need to have some sort of animation already available to OsciStudio, either something you’ve imported from Blender, or a live connection to Blender at the time.

Depending on your MIDI generator, it is possible that you may not need the loopMIDI part, and that OsciStudio could see the MIDI signal directly from the MIDI generator. I’d try that before involving loopMIDI.

If you tell OsciStudio to use MIDI, it will ‘play’ the animation, using frequencies that represent the MIDI notes it receives.

That’s the general approach, HTH.



sorry, this is a long time ago. there is also another option:

  1. right click on the frequency of any of the groups and select “add midi track”
  2. switch over to the timeline, and find the midi track
  3. drag&drop a midi file from windows explorer into the midi track in osci studio and it will replace your existing midi data