Is a linux version planned ? oscistudio source code / compilation / knowledge


I use linux, I would like to know if a linux version of oscistudio exists ?
I have read the features and don’t think so. But is a linux version planned ?
and in case there is never a linux version, if I buy the software, could I have a version of the source code to compile it ?
Is it possible to compile it with a minimum of programming skills, or do I need to have a strong command of coding, to do that?
finally, in case I need to improve my compilation skills, where can I look for knowledge ?



i did a few experiments with a linux version which look promissing, but nothing is planned, too many other things to look into. unfortunately i will not hand out the source code any time soon (if ever), it is almost a decade that jerobeam and i went deep into researching this topic on our own. i hope you understand.

if you want to practice compiling and contribute a bit: the simulator is open source, and could also use some linux love!


for the source code, I understand of course. there is obviously no problem.
I’m glad to hear that you are working on a linux version!!! !! :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::heart::heart::heart:
I’m looking forward to it :rainbow::rainbow::fire:
It’s such a powerful tool, awesome.
ok! I’ll wait and practice on the oscilloscope.
Thank you. much. have a good way.
I love the sound “function”. osmosis between mathematics, image and sound. bravo.