Is it possible to add more channels?


Hey all,

We’ve been using OS for Vectrex-based, modular-infused live audiovisual performances and have a question.

Is it possible to add more channels beyond the default four? We love the possibility to mix and fade between multiple images/channels and that workflow would benefit from having, say, eight channels. Is this possible in any way or am I just missing an obvious button or key binding? I naively checked and edited (added a fifth channel) the blank.txt in the Mac OS app package but couldn’t see anything affected. Any pointers @kritzikratzi or others?

Thanks in advance!


little psa: we’re figuring this out in the direct messages.

if anyone else is interested please click the little heart so i know there’s more interest beyond this special case :slight_smile:


i’m currently experiment with adding/removing channels freely, seems fine so far. no release date, but if nothing goes wrong this will be released in the next weeks.


Hey! Im also trying to figure it out for the same reason. Im doing a live VJ performance for a band in the end of the week and would also like to have more tracks to fade between them. Is there a way you can help me out with this?


hey! are you on windows or on linux?


Im working with M1 mac :slight_smile:


sending you a dm with a download link and instructions.


Hey. Another quick Q. Im trying to map my midi controller to the oscistudio, otherwise it works except for the channel number button ontop. If i select it under midi mapping mode it instead of starting to blink just turns the channel off. I want to map that on/off action to my midi controller. I found that i could add the CC midi map myself which is CC38 but when I type it in and press enter or click away it shows CC0 and doesnt register the right pad on the controller. Is there a way to add the correct number? Some sneaky button i need to press for that?


Alright, i found a blog post on how to add the midi map manually by typing the channel nr.key nr. So 10.38 and it worked but the midi controller still doesnt toggle the channel on or off. Ill see if i find a way to make it work



did you find a solution around this?

i’m happy to look into, but i’m pretty sure i won’t have a solution ready for your performance (that’s tomorrow?)


Hey, jea i did find a way to add the correct midimap CC code but for some reason it still didnt toggle the channel on/off. But i did find your comment under another post in the forum on how to add multible .svg files to one channel and scroll through them with the time parameter. I mapped the time to one of my knobs on the midi controller and now i can scroll throught different svgs using that so in the end managed to find another way :slight_smile: I can then add the blender stuff to one track, svg to another and when the svg is playing i can open up a different file in blender. But a huge thank you for helping out :slight_smile: