Is there a way to continue to support the development of oscistudio?


I am so grateful to Hansi for developing this amazing software that I’ve grown to love. I purchased the software, but I would certainly love to continue to see it developed. Do you have some kind of patreon where I could donate 5$ a month to you (I know it’s not much, but I’m a starving artist), where perhaps collectively enough people could donate to support continued development of oscistudio? I know there’s no obligation for you to continue development, but I do hope it continues to be developed. Perhaps I’ll buy a 2nd copy when I get some more money just to support.


i‘d donate too! so happy this exists and i‘m surprised it’s so few people who know it. i‘m sure the community would grow with a patreon!


Agreed, I’d love to see this project growing and becoming more amazing!


Does anyone know if OsciStudio is still being worked on? I’ve seen some videos from Hansi with what looks like a dev version, but I’m not sure if we’ll ever get access to those.


From everything I can see it’s still being developed, but I have no doubt that some extra money in his pocket would be an incentive. I believe it’s a side project, and not what he does for a living.


it’s correct. there will be a new version though, i’m estimating ~ fall this year.


Amazing!!! I’m looking forward to it!