Letter-Logo Smooth Letters (like your Stranger Things logo)


KritziKratzi (hansiraber) and zippy731/Chris Allen

I love OsciStudio…thank you Hansi and Jerobeam for creating it!
But I am stuck on my current project with it, and would like a bit of advice/help please.
I’m trying to create my own logo using the method you used here:

BUT, my results have lots of distortion.
Hansiraber says it’s done this way:

“i traced the stranger things logo in blender with their “curves” tool. the logo really starts making sense when you see it in a spline editor. anyways, oscistudio has direct support for poly/bezier curves, that’s where all the animation and effects are done.”

Well, I’ve tried doing this, but there is high distortion at all frequencies where the letters join.
See my samples at

This still capture is operating at the standard 50Hz

My .blend file used is this one:

And yet, your video shows that there are some breaks between the letters, and no squiggly distortion as I have.

How do you do this so beautifully?

Do you have the .blend file available for us to dissect and better understand? This could help a ton!

Thank you so much!!!

Best wishes, your Patreon supporter
AJ (Forgotten Machines)


your file actually looks quite alright. i’d try to just export it with 192khz (use ctrl+b/cmd+b to bounce the entire file) and then watch it in the oscilloscope simulator.

here is my blender file:

stranger_things.blend (471.7 KB)

you should find the oscistudio file to compare in the samples folder of your download.


kritzikratzi thank you so much! I’ll look into all of this, AND dissect your .blend file, which I’m certain will be the most helpful. Thank you again!!! I’ll report back here with my results when I’m next able to work on this…hopefully VERY soon…