New and Need Help


OsciStudio Version:
Operating System: windows 10

Hello World, im new to all this stuff and need help. Im trying to compose a 70’s inspired audio and visual piece for a school project. Ive already downloaded OsciStudio and Blender but frankly idk where to go from here. Any advice, tips, or ideas are appreciated, Thanks!!


Howdy and welcome,
How I started was just messing around with the settings and seeing what each and every part of the software did, here are some link to some tutorials that may help:
Jerobeam Fenderson’s tutorial playlist
Chris Allen’s tutorial playlist (some parts don’t use OsciStudios but it’s still good to learn from)
Hansi Raber’s blender tutorial (you can look through some of his videos to get a better grasp of the software)

the last one (Hansi Raber) is very active in the forums and goes by the username kritzikratzi, he will probably be here to guide you around and give better advice then me :sweat_smile: He is the one that created the software!

Edit: also, by right clicking on one of the 4 segments and clicking “Livecoding Example” and selecting one of the items on the list, you can see how the code plays a role in making unique shapes and thus reverse engineer that (with some basic C++ coding knowledge) to make a desired result.


Thank you so much, ill try and bingewatch these videos tn, i also forgot to mention i have a tektronix 2205 analog oscilloscope to display on. Im currently just using a basic headphone jack to bnc soldering job to play youtube videos through it, im also getting an audio interface from a classmate to run the speakers and oscilloscope simultaneously. If you have anymore hardware components you recommend let me know, but once again thank you!!!