No Audio Input is possible


OsciStudio Version:7.0
Operating System: MacBookPro10,1 / Intel Core i7 / 2,4 GHz

Hi everybody !
I read some elder posts about the problems with audio input. I am in the same situation. I tried different possibilities, but there is no way to get some audio signals in oscistudio. Preferences see my different offers but nothing happens after pressing MIC. Are there new ideas how to solve this ?
Thanks in advance !
Greetings from Bayreuth



what does your setup look like?
this should do something:

  1. launch oscistudio
  2. select audio in and output, with supported samplerates (you can check in the old system settings>hardware>sound panel)
  3. press “start” in oscistudio
  4. on the first track right click the red/blue coordinate at the top and click “cube” or any other preset.
  5. select “mic” as input mode below

now you should see parts of the cube when speak into the microphone.

what results do you get when you do this? tomorrow i can make you a quick video to show what it looks like on my computer.


moin moin !
everything works pretty well !
thank you for your support - the principle problem was solved fast ( getting an audio signal) - other things like internal routing seems to be more complicate - but there is always a solution - for the moment i work with two computers and two interfaces - a stable system for my little coming up performance in three weeks - i tried to use internal soundflower interface - but this works badly - for the moment Ableton sends one track directly to interface I - this interface has more outputs - so i route the sound from track1 to a second track in ableton - this track sends the signal to other outputs in interface I - these signals go to input of interface II - and this is the input signal for oscistudio - the advantage is listen to the desired sound by interface I - indepently I can use every soundfilter in the second track to influence the osci-videoutput with varying sound input - this works very well
maybe in future times there is not only a syphon input/output for video but also a little bit more sophisticated performance for organizing audio input/output in oscistudio
nethertheless i like this software and im looking forward to all things i can discover in oscistudio
sunny but not too hot weekend !