Objects in Oscistudio Appear Inverted


Hello there,
It appears when I am creating objects in Blender, they appear correctly in the small object window, but in the previews everything is inverted, and the only fix I can find is to create everything upside down and backwards in Blender, or rotate everything on all xyz axis. Am I doing something incorrrectly, or missing some setting?
All the best,
P Lavine


Never mind, fixing the rotation proved easier than initially executed. Beautiful pics of software by the way.



in oscistudio it should be that positive x points to the right, positive y points up.
in blender that would be selecting view>from top

best, hansi.


First of all, congratulations on this cool piece of software.
I have the same ‘inversion’ issue: when creating objects in Blender, they seem flipped in OsciStudio. The top view provides a correct display, but once you use the ‘Perspective’ slider in OsciStudio, the object closest to the viewer seems to be further away. Easy to verify: put a sphere on top of the default cube. When using Perspective in OsciStudio, the sphere is further away. Now all of this is no problem (since you can look at the scene in Blender from the bottom), but it’s getting complicated once you introduce text, which then appears mirrored.

Thanks, -e


oh, crazy… i’ll take a look, but it won’t be too soon (still lots of work to do for the next version)