Oscilloscope Music File


Short and on point:
I would like to create a sound-image file for my scope or even better: have it created. Has anyone interest in this or can help me?

You can see what the sound-image should look like in the appendix.



do you offer something in return? and … there is no appendix :slight_smile:


Hi. Now with an attachment :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about reciprocating. But I don’t use PayPal anymore, so I don’t know how I could transfer a small amount of money online. However, I am very knowledgeable in “vectors” and can create simple, to more complex vector graphics. There may be other options I can offer, such as a whopping 60GB of sound effects (much of it very professional and very high quality), as I work in video editing.


i saw in the vector synthesis group that you already have this as an svg:

  1. open up oscistudio and press “start”
  2. drag the svg from explorer/finder in oscistudio onto on of the tracks (best near the top where you see the red-blue coordinate system)
  3. if everything goes well you already here the sound and see the preview

now you can export in two different ways:

a. right click again the red-blue coordinate system where you dragged the file and select “export wavetable”. this gives you a 20ms long wavetable file that you can use in any wavetable synthesizer
b. click the red record button in the top menu of oscistudio. this asks for a file name and then starts recording. let it run for a while and click the same button again to stop the recording.

one little note about your file: it currently consists, as far as i can tell, of four separate circles and no “fill”. on top of that you will see noticable jumps between the circles. something like the blue lines here:

well, that is just the nature of oscilloscope music. if you want to avoid those jumps, then you need to modify your shapes so that it consists only of one long, uninterrupted line.

one possibility is to replace the outter circles with a single circle, the thick inner circle by a hatch pattern, and a connecting line between inside and outside. there is a lot of artistic interpretation and no cannonical solution though!

does this help you a bit?

i can answer a bit better if you answer this question: what do you intend to do with the result? :smiley:


I call my construction an eye, which I have constructed for the alignment of other frequencies on a spiral level. It’s really all about the principle of the circle - a self-contained shape, separate from each other.

I can’t get hold of OsciStudio support, and my concern is that I’m throwing out €34 for the software only to see a result afterwards that doesn’t suit or please me. And precisely because the support doesn’t get in touch, it’s also not possible to cancel… So it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t care about €34, but I do care.

That’s also the reason why I haven’t bought it yet. If I send you the SVG file, would you like to try it out for me and send me a screenshot of the result? Maybe even on a real scope?


i am oscistudio support :slight_smile:


Would it be possible for you to help me with the above? :slight_smile:


i mean… generally i don’t do this, because i would have lot of requests :slight_smile: if you want to hire me as a contractor i can make you a few variants, but… it would come out more expensive than the oscistudio license :confused:


I understand, then I will probably have to help myself. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


Hello, I have now bought OsciStudio and tried different constructions, including the one you suggested first, which should have worked, but it doesn't on my scope, although it is correct. I constructed the four circles as you did, as a self-contained shape. They are all connected to each other as in your drawing and yet it is displayed totally destroyed on my real scope.

I have now generated my image by alternating high-pitched tones. Unfortunately, OsciStudio is of no use to me.


what do you mean by “it is display totally destroyed”? can you post a picture?

would you post your alternating high pitch sound, or a video of it? i’m very curious.

sorry to hear that osci studio was of no use to you. i’ve done similar things many times, so i’m 100% positive it’s up to the task, but it takes a bit of work to sit there and make the shape.


I’ll be back in the lab this weekend, if I have time I’ll take a photo. The image appears distorted and lines are shifted. I still have a scope from the 80s, but I haven’t yet been able to set it up successfully to show constructed structures. I also don’t have the time.

Yes, the construction was quite complex, but it is correctly constructed. As a media designer, I am very familiar with vectors and now also understand how such a construction must be designed for a scope.

I don’t know if it makes sense, but I suspect that my scope from the 60s is simply too old to display it correctly. Especially as it only has the absolutely necessary settings for adjustment. For me it was just an experiment, but I have now solved my goal differently.


The video of the distortion auf the construction you wanted: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Iikxk8PWVi2XN7YWNd7q19_x8-Bfymm2/view?usp=sharing

I can only do 2 links per post, so now there are 3 posts in a row.


Post number 2

Construction SVG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10AGI8v_ovEkDh8WWYCVc4utglVAbvlJi/view?usp=sharing

Construction WAV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BZkSVLf__hvvgLIVtz5_VwiucOd4ZGQn/view?usp=sharing


Okay, it looks like this forum doesn’t allow links to GoogleDrive. That’s why I’m doing WeTransfer now. Sorry, I don’t know how else to make it available, but you can click on preview on WeTransfer for the content. I ask for a very timely download. There you will find the Video you wanted, the Audios and SVGs: https://we.tl/t-qLO6hWKx1J



sorry, seems auto moderator blocked your posts for the google drive links.

all the files look perfectly fine to me. i’ll check on my scope tomorrow, i see no problem in the audio.

what kind of audio interface are you using? is there dolby atmos or any kind of eq or enhancement active on that interface?


An analog tube stereo preamplifier is connected: https://www.ebay.de/itm/166295730901

I need it because otherwise the audio signal would be far too weak on the scope and I can’t imagine that it would influence the result in such a way that only destruction would result.

Not even a gain of an artificial 12 decibels without the preamp is enough to “magnify” the input signal.

Apart from that, I have to mention that the scope can also be display perfectly other “constructed sounds”, which are probably not from OsziStudio, like https://youtu.be/kPUdhm2VE-o?si=jbe4iuJ3J8eTQin0 for example.

Only the graphics converted to sound in OsziStudio seem to cause problems. For example, a simple circle via OsziStudio is displayed almost egg-shaped with slight corners.

I would appreciate a quick response, as I actually have to finish this topic today.


if a circle in oscistudio is an egg, then it’s definitely a problem in your setup. oscistudio does nothing special.

i never use anything in between: i directly connect my audio interface (motu ultralite, rme… i’ve tried many!) to the oscilloscope.

what interface do you use? the levels are often +/-5V, which is easy to display on an oscilloscope.


Oops, maybe I expressed myself incorrectly. Well, everything is displayed and exported correctly in OsciStudio. But it is then displayed incorrectly on my analog Oscilloscope.

I don’t use a classic audio interface. Only the preamplifier. This way there is no problem when I play constructed sounds that are NOT from OsciStudio.

The scope is relatively old. I am in the middle position at +/-5V. And when I change this, there seems to be no difference.

So the question arises: How can my setup be a problem if it works with other sounds that are not generated via OsziStudio?


i honestly don’t see a way for what you describe: the wav files play fine on my oscilloscope, the svg works fine in oscistudio. there’s a million things that can go wrong, but i suspect it’s something in combination with your setup. i really advise against using preamps or system wide audio enhancements … those will in fact modify your image just as you describe.

sorry for moving my phone around so much, but here i’m testing out your files (wav and svg) on my computer with and without oscistudio. it always looks exactly the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q66kbQnb24