OsciStudio A7.0.4 released


I just uploaded a new oscistudio version. It’s a minor update and includes support for the helios laser dac.

You can find it in the download section using your existing code: https://oscilloscopemusic.com/download/

Helios DAC support: Looking for testers



Thanks a lot, works like a charm
Now I need go looking for a laser with faster galvo’s :sweat_smile:


Hi, I use a lasercube WIFI but OsciStudio 7.0.4 says ‘no devices found’. Is there a solution?



do you have the version with wifi and usb, or just wifi?

just wifi is not yet support, but i will actually add support for it next week. i have a few days set aside for this and if you want you can be the first tester.


It has Wifi and ethernet (2.5w). I’d love to be a tester!


great! i’ll let you know.
what’s your OS – windows or mac?


iMac, OSX Venture 13.6


Are you planning to add support for Helios in the Oscilloscope app? I would really like to try out Jarobeam’s album on my laser, but it seems that Oscistudio doesn’t support audio file playback.


I would also love to be a tester. I have 45k galvos with a Helios DAC, and my operating system is Windows 10


hi. helios is already supported in oscistudio, not looking for testers.

about adding helios to the oscilloscope: i haven’t made a plan for it yet. not that i don’t want to too, but there’s just not enough time to do everything at the same time.


Hi, it seems like the beatgrid command in livecoding doesn’t work when I use the midi-clock sync option. Am I doing something wrong?
I have so much fun playing with Osci-Studio!


fixed, will be part of the next release.


I have another question. Each slider in the UI has a UID: can you refer to this UID in the livecoding snippets?



yea, this feature is experimental and might change/break in the future. if you don’t mind that, you can do the following in livecoding:

// here slider1 is your local variable name
// the thing in quotes is the uuid of your slider
SLIDER_EXT(slider1, "1iFFIi5WeWoObHbRuEl52uJFXIPfghqB>Z");

vec3 gen(float t){
    return circle(t)*slider1;


Thanks! I’ll try. Guido