OsciStudio Cannot Capture the Output of a Blender node


I am using Blender 2.8 with an add on called Animation Nodes to generate Lissajous patterns. The patterns are rendered by a node called “3D Viewer.” OsciStudio A6 is unable to make sound from the output of this node.

I suppose that this is because the output of 3D Viewer is not an object. Can anyone tell me how to use Blender and Animation Nodes to render 3D Lissajous patterns in a way that can be used by OsciStudio?


Here is a screen shot of the Blender project that does not work with OsciStudio. Hope this helps.


I’ve been using oscistudio with animation nodes for a while.

Am not using the specific versions you are, but I think that oscistudio can only ‘see’ actual blender objects. So instead of using the 3D viewer node (which is a thing that exists within animation nodes,) if you can make a spline with those vertices and output it as a blender object, oscistudio should see it.

Good luck!


I am using OsciStudio A6 with Blender 2.80 and Animation Nodes 2.0.

I found out how to make the Lissajous pattern be an object, as shown in the screenshot below.

OsciStudio makes sound when I send it a Blender animation that only contains one cube. However, OsciStudio does not makes sound with the complex Lissajous pattern shown in the screen shot.


Looks like your object has something like 97K vertices. Note the 2000 vertex limit on the oscistudio control. It’s just not connecting because you’re exceeding the limit.

You can increase the limit, but you can only send maybe 5-10K vertices to oscistudio before it starts breaking down on you.


Thank you for your help, Chris. Your answer solved the problem.


If you can get you phase angel to the magic 1.1 you might see some cubic form where they meet at there critical angle like in 2 nano carbon film aligned I have seen it on a computer screen in 2 dimension so 3 should be there