Oscistudio for penplotting


Can oscistudio make an MP3 that is super long (10mins-multi hour) one cycle of the graphic? Also I see there is gcode to mp3 does this translate z axis into a third channel for a 3 channel mp3

My intention is to use it on an xy penplotter with an input for pen lift. The time of a penplot can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more


you can record wav files in oscistudio (wav itself cannot be longer than 4gb).
when the cycles are too long you will run into issues with number precission.

i cannot say much about the z-axis, because gcode varries wildly depending on the device.

do you already know how you would get the wav/mp3 to move the plotter?


My plotter is analog/digital hybrid so it has banana jacks in and I will use a Befaco Ac/Dc interface to play the 3 channels from the daw.

As far as the z axis goes could I just make it raise and lower by let’s say a foot so my third channel would just act as an on/off signal?


i’ll pm you. this sounds fun!