Phantom audio on Channels 5&7 (v0.6.0.38 MOTU16A macOS 10.14)


Hi! I’m trying to get the latest release of OsciStudio v0.6.0.38 (macOS 10.14) to work with my MOTU 16A audio interface. Whenever I start the app, output channels 5 & 7 begin playing a tone at full volume (it might be a DC offset tone - I can’t hear anything monitoring 5 & 7 on headphones).

How can I disable these tones? Could this be the missing Z channel feature? Is there a way to get under the hood and route the output to my preferred channels? Same routing question also applies for the Oscilloscope app (v1.0.8), which doesn’t let me select the input channel for my audio interface.



I’m not familiar with that specific sound card, so I don’t know how to use its specific features, but it should have some software that it comes with in order to control its inputs and outputs. If it doesn’t, then some DAW software would do the trick most likely to control the ins and outs. Ableton should be able to do this for example.



these are ILDA signals to control a laser which are activated automatically if you have 7+ channels. it’s a bit of a secret mode that escapes in the public in some few versions.

there are only two ways you might be able to turn this off:

  1. use the audio-midi-settings program on your computer. create a new aggregate device. combine your motu with any other 2-channel interface (eg internal output or soundflower-2ch) so that the resulting aggregate device is only 2 channels.

  2. turn off all the laser controls in the left hand menu of oscistudio. but iirc one signal will remain always.

i have to package a version soon to include the blender 2.8.x plugin, and i’ll deactivate that. currently it’s active development time. it’ll take me a few days, but i’ll post back here when there’s news.

best, hansi.