Premier can't read the exported music, VLC does: why?


OsciStudio Version: Latest available
Operating System: win10

Hi! I’ve been experimenting the whole afternoon with OsciStudio.
Everything’s ok but there’s a thing I can’t understand: what kind of file is OsciStudio outputting the recording? I can’t choose the extention (ther’s a blank space), and whenever I put both mp3 or waw extention myself, VLC read the files correctly, but I can’t import them in Premiere Pro (I think it doesn’t read them in a proper way). Other waw/mp3 work, so I’m assuming is something exporting related.

What could be the issue here? Am I saving the recordings in a wrong way?

EDIT. going through audition seems to solve the issue, but it’s still strange, it’s like some info is missing from the file maybe?


it’s definitely wav. please use wav as extension.

what’s the length of the recordings? wav has a length limit, and funky things happen when you go beyond it.