Prices for school/schoolkids


I would like to teach my students some oldschool analog stuff. We are analysing the funktion of loudspeakers and there signals. They are learning to work with CAD-Programms, too. So I would like to connect these two topics to one–> Oscilloscope Music

So is there a Demoversion or schoolversion?



can you please contact me directly? i’ll PM you my email.

best, hansi.



did you ever write me? maybe it got lost in spam…?


Hello Hansi,
I have the same question as op. What is the best way to email you?


Hi Hansi,
I have a somewhat similar situation. May I have your email to contact you?
Have a nice day


Hey Hansi,

I would like to ask about student/education pricing also. Would you be able to send me your email address?

Many thanks,


Hello, I’m teacher and I would like to use Oscistudio for a course on audio signals.
Could you contact me about this ?


Hello, I would like to know if you have special prices for students?