Programming C++ for dummies / Related to Osci


OsciStudio Version: 6.0
Operating System: Window 10

Hello to all my friends from this weird but incredible forum!

First of all I want to inform that I’ve been exploring this program for a while, I’ve find a bunch of things. I have had some problems with understanding the livecoding envoirement (this is what I am most inrerested in).

My main question with this thread is, where did you guys (the crazy programmers here) understood how c++ works?.

Most specifically please note that I’ve already read all the manuals, html, files, pdf, documents, youtube videos provided with the program. But I think i really need to understand deeper structure things about c++. I cannot lie I’ve tried studying this for a while, but I don’t now if I’m stupid or what but I still don’t get the whole picture. THE STRUCTURE, THE RULES, E.T.C.

Therefore I went ahead and started reading some books about c++, I dont know I think I really need to know if guys understood this complex thing by reading stuf or is it that someone showed you the way? I can fully understand read and speack english (Unfortunately I work in this, replying to american about their debts all day) so I think I understand the lenguage. But man wow I would really liek to know where’s that holy grail/path of information in regards to this grpahics sound programming stuff.

Ive dive into OpenGl, also Pure Data, i know some javascript, some python enad web design in general. But as a i go depper studying this things i encounter that c++ is like GOD in this filed, so I would appreciate some documentation (for dummies please).

I am planning on studying a career in programming next year (as this things is super expensive in my country Costa Rica and I’m saving some money from my shitty customer service job for intializing these project).

I’ve been studying this by my own, and truly I am most interested at this type of projects, visualization, sound etc. I want to give my life to this thing, I want to help this program grow (if i ever understand a part of it), but I really need some links, some infromaion, I need a path to really understand this thing, i know that I will never truly end studying this thing and i know there’s a lot of math behind it, but I am up for the task, I am 26 years old by know and i havesome more time I think.

Please help dear gods of this forum I really need your help. If you help me I will help you guys out I promise this.

PD: I am also Italian (but I’ve never been to italy? idk my grandma is italian that’s why i got my passport), and I am planning to keep studying this graphics/sound/programming career in general in the future after I get a BsC here in Costa Rica. So my question is: where did you guys attended to in order to understand this thing? I would greatly appreciate further insight in regards to universities in Europe (if they are public and not super expensive that would also be awesome).

Best Regards,

Jose Pablo Saenz Castillo , San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/25/2020.


I just want to say great post. I gravitate to the coding aspect but am a complete novice, so some ready made scripts to drop in would be awesome. I also have high hopes for future development of Oscistudio. I’ve exported a bunch of clips in Oscistudio and put those into Resolume. That is fun stuff. I’ve been looking into everything such as Pure Data (GUI coding), MAX, Touchstudio, After Effects, blender, and then seeing what i can use easiest and quickest. Oscistudio is excellent and I wish i could understand coding in C ++.
I will try find you and some other Oscistudio members here. I like this group. I have spoken to Chris, awesome guy, does awesome work.