Question about connecting to external stereo mic


Hi, I’m interested in seeing if feeding stereo audio to the mic input can have interesting effects on the visuals, and connected a Zoom H4n Pro mic to my Macbook Pro (via USB) to try. When I choose that as the input for Osci Studio, nothing happens when I make sounds (I did already have some shape connected to that mic channel, and it works if I use other audio inputs).

That Zoom H4n Pro mic speaker does work with the audio output in Osci Studio, so just the input is not working. Both input and output seems to be working in other programs and the mic itself is also indicating that it’s detecting my sounds, so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue.

I’m not expecting specific tech support about my particular mic, but I was wondering about the general topic of connecting a mic with 2 channels as the input. May I know if that’s supposed to work? I’d like to know if I should keep trying to solve this issue or if the idea just won’t work to begin with.

Having a lot of fun with Osci Studio but still pretty new to the technical side of the audio hardware side of things. Sorry if it’s a stupid question. Appreciate the help!



currently the mic input is used for fm synthesis and always mono because of this. there is no feature yet to take stereo input in and modulate it :frowning:

best, hansi.


Ah, got it. Appreciate the response!