Questions from a newbie


OsciStudio Version: None yet

Operating System: Win 10/ Mac

Hello, i am new and i am interessted in this programm. But first i wann aknow if its the right stuff for me. I make electronic music since many years, my projects are to find on i search a tool that make visuals to my music. I understand this tool so that you make music with it and then the drawing happens. Is it possible to use the programm as visualizer for my music? On an oscilosscope? And by the way. Are there any oscilosscope that have an TV or HDMI OUT?
Big thanks forwad
Regards Manfred


Hi, a fellow newbie here
Music and visuals are the same thing in Oscistudio, so you won’t be able to use it to visualize your existing music
You might get into it and create new things though
For visualizing music I had a lot of fun with Laserjuice (free version on github)
Lasers and oscilloscopes are very similar, in that they both take an X and Y input signal to drive a dot around to create visuals


Hi thanks for your answer. I have some questions more. Is it ok when i you them? First is. I wanna know if there is any alternative to a Osci as video output.
Best regards Manfred


a simulator is built into oscistudio


Hello, thank you very much. Is it possible to put the simulator window on a second monitor?
and is it possible that i can make react oscitusio to my ableton live daw?
Big thanks forward
Regards hal9000


not really. i mean… you can send midi cc from ableton to oscistudio and use those. it really depends what you want to achieve, but in general oscistudio is it’s own synth.


Hello, thank you. Well i just think about if osci Studio brings me further. I make electronic music in different projects since many years and i am interessted in a way to do visuals. I am a great fan of oscilloscope waveforms reacting to music. Do you know if i can put the simultor screen on a second monitor?


sure. i mean, i can’t answer that question for you. but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

the simulator: yea, you can drag it anywhere. when you press “f”, does it fullscreen on the current screen, or does it always move to the first screen?


Hehee, yes i believe i must take a try on it. I programm music in my daw and on some lttle machines i have here but i cant code, is it needed to write code in oscistudio? Thanks that you answer my questions. There will be not much more, today :wink:



i cant code, is it needed to write code in oscistudio?

oscistudio has lots of things you can do without programming. if you want to look into the livecoding part then you can just take the examples (there’s around 10 short ones) and you can modify some numbers and have fun with that. but you would quite certainly enjoy this aspect of oscistudio more if you know how to code, i don’t want to lie about that :slight_smile: