Recording A/V output


Hi there,
What do you use to record both image and sound output ?
Is Syphon the only option ?



there is currently no such option. i do one of two things at the moment:

  1. bounce/record a wav file, then render it later.
  2. use a screenrecorder (could be a bit heavy on performance, depending on the recorder and computer)
  3. bounce/record a wav file, then film it from the real oscilloscope


You can press the record button in the top right of OsciStudio, this will record the output until you press the button again. You can shift+click the first time for an automatic file name (you get the same filename as the open oscistudio file, with a .wav extension).

After that there are a few steps involved. I’m working to make this simpler, but for now:

  1. Get the free oscilloscope app
  2. Drag your wav file in and adjusts hue/linewidth/etc. to your liking.
  3. Press “e” to export an image sequence (60fps, full hd)
  4. Wait
  5. Now you have a wav and tons of images, you need to combine them. You can use after effects or any other video editor. I do it on the command line with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -framerate 60 -start_number 1 -i “%05d.png” -i …/…/…/Sync/oscistudio-files/a6/83_moreorbits.10-quickrec.wav -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -r 60 -b:a 384k …/orbiiits.10.mp4 (of course you need to adjust the filenames)


I use Snapz Pro on osx and Bandicam on Windows. Both are pretty good, but payware. Obs Studio is free and also quite good (only use it for the rare occasion that I stream something, but i think it lets you record also)

The best screenrecorder is the one that has dedicated support for your hardware. So if you have an NVidia GPU, make sure you get a recorder that supports it. This can help a lot if you have performance problems.


I guess it’s obvious how this works. It’s the most work, and I hardly do it. But it certainly yields the nicer results than the other two options.


thanx for these informations
Would be nice to have this A/V recording fonction integrated IMO
have a nice NYE !


my short term goal is to make the export in the oscilloscope app simpler (i began working on it, but there’s still other things with higher priority) and then bring it over to oscistudio.

realtime a/v recording is at the moment not real an option that seems feasible to me, it’s just too hardware and operating system specific.


Ok, good to know
looking forward