Refining settings for cleaner mesh intersections



I just started using this in tandem with the Blender Plugin and am really loving the immediate feedback between picture and sound. I’m running into some trouble cleaning up the corners of my mesh intersections.
Can you tell me what settings I ought to use to get cleaner angles?
as you can see in this example, my type seems to be warping into this “S-pattern”

Thank you!


it’s caused by the jump from the I to the S. the effect becomes less if:

  1. you move the I and S closer together
  2. you increase the samplerate


Upping the sample rate definitely helped!
It’s still gets noticeably curved around sharp angles when I raise the frequency rate. Especially when I use higher-poly count meshes.


The clarity of your picture will be a function of frequency.

For a higher frequency sound, have less time (i.e. fewer sample points) to cycle through your image.

If you have more image XY points than audio samples available, it will start getting distorted.

For example: if you’re running 96K audio sample rate, and have a note at A1 (55 hz,) you will have 1745 samples (XY points) available per cycle. If you increase to A3 (220 hz,) you will only have 436 audio samples available to draw your image. If your image has more XY points than that, it will get blurred.