Sending Midi information from Logic Pro X to oscilloscope


OsciStudio Version: Alpha 6
Operating System: High Sierra Version 10.13.6

Is it possible to send midi information from Logic Pro X into the oscistudio, and have the it manipulate parameters within oscistudio? If not, could you use audio thats not created in oscistudio to change the parameters within oscistudio?


yes, you can send midi. you will have to create a loopback midi device for that.

on windows you’d use something like loopmidi

on osx this is built-in, if you didn’t delete it you should have a “iac driver” virtual device (create one in the “audio midi setup” application that comes with osx)

once you have that:

  1. in logic, enable midiloopback/iac driver as output device
  2. create a pattern that sends midi CC signals on midi channel 1, e.g. create a pattern that sends CC20 on channel 0
  3. in oscistudio, select the midi loopback/iac driver as midi input on the start page and press start
  4. right click any slider and select “Add midi mapping”. Enter the CC number from step 2

with that you should be all set.