Sequence of oscistudio's trace?


Hey @kritzikratzi

Can you briefly describe how Oscistudio decides how to sequence the vertices it receives from Blender?

Is it based on the order of verts/edges in Blender itself? or does it somehow reorder the verts to optimize the path of the trace through the points?

I’ve got some ideas on ways to modify the vert data in Blender to affect how things look/sound.

I can see the Blender data via python, but what happens after it gets imported into Oscistudio is a black box to me…



Not sure of the exact algorithm he used, but I’m almost certain that he used something known as “the traveling salesman problem”. Simply put, it attempts to find the shortest path that loops through all vertices. There’s many different solutions to this problem, so can’t really be sure what hansi might have chosen to do. wiki for traveling salesman


@EDL yes, that’s right.

you can save the file, and that will give you the resulting vertex order in plain text.


OK cool. I thought it was along those lines. More questions:

Shortest path overall? Or start with one vert and find the nearest and proceed from there?

And is your system
(1) calculating the route in 3-D, then (2) flattening into a 2-D view based on rotation of object, or does it do (2) first then (1) ?

If there are >1 objects, is each object’s path calculated independently, then presented in sequence based on % weight in synthesizer? Or is the path calculated for the combined objects?

If two objects are far apart, does that distance matter or will the synth step between them in a single sample?


@kritzikratzi - I’m still interested in some of the inner mechanics of oscistudio, if you have a minute to address the questions above… Thx