Sequencing SVGs


OsciStudio Version: A6
Operating System: Windows 10


Is it possible to link the cycling of SVGs to the time slider? I read somewhere else that tthis was possible by holding ctrl when dragging multiple SVGs but i cannot get it to work. Thanks.


as far as I’m aware you would need to do it inside blender, and I am not aware of any quick way of doing this inside of blender.

Like, if you have 100 “frames” of an alembic in 100 separate files, there’s a checkbox on import that makes them an animation. As far as im aware, this does not exist for SVG, though that would be awesome if they added it.


The technique shown in this video from Jimmy Gunawan might be of use for this. It utilizes Animation Nodes to convert imported svg frames into a blender animation.

Jimmy is a great guy to follow for lots of experimental motion graphics ideas in Blender.