SVG / EPS Export


Hey guys, sorry noob question here:

Is there any way i could export my oscilloscope graphics to a vector file format (for example: SVG, EPS) ?

OsciStudio Version: A7
Operating System: Windows



it’s not yet built-in, but i really feel i need to add this!

there is a way to get a high quality png, would that help?


that would be amazing man ! please let me know if u implement it would even pay for it :pray::pray:


How do you get a high quality png?!

I just used this on a TV commercial and had to screen record to get the image :rofl:


therr u goo credits to @kritzikratzi :pray::pray:


But this is different software?


yea. oscistudio is to generate and preview waveforms (commercial),

oscilloscope is to render waveforms (free).

i’ll try to add the highres rendering part to oscistudio too! there’s a historic reason why it’s two separate programs


I’m not really sure how to even export the wav from OsciStudio. I’m using the mic input to route audio from another software.


there’s a record button in the top right (the red circle). click it once to start recording, then click again to stop recording.

to start recording you can also shift+click, then a filename will be automatically selected for you.


one guy on reddit meant that it is almost impossible to get a vector format out of oscilloscopes…is that true?


yes. for analog oscilloscopes that’s true: in goes a signal, out goes … well, there’s a screen and you can film it. and that’s always pixels, never vectors.

what are you trying to achieve?


i have an embroidery machine and would love to print some oscilloscope designs with it. but the thing is that i would need vector lines for that…:slight_smile: i tried to convert the svgs to vector with several different programs but no good results so far…


hm… i mean, svgs are already vector. what file formats does your embroidery machine accept?


sorry my mistake i meant i tried to convert the .pngs to vector with no good results. it accepts like .svg .eps .pdf etc. :slight_smile:


do u think this is possible with touch designer?


idk about touchdesigner. i barely know the software, it’s huge.

i think adding an svg export to oscistudio is a good idea, but it’s not a priority for me and it’ll be a while until the next oscistudio release.