Using external oscillators


Hello everyone,

would it be possible to generate the sound from OsciStudio using external oscillators? The flow would be that OsciStudio would generate control voltages (CVs) and these CVs would then control external oscillators. I don’t know how complex the oscillators need to be but perhaps something like Joranalogue Generate 3 oscillators might be able to do the job?



OsciStudio Version: A7
Operating System: Windows 11



can you be a bit more specific what you are trying to achieve?

you can control any slider in oscistudio using midi cc.


Hello kritzikratzi,

OsciStudio generates audio. This audio is generated with some internal digital oscillators. What I would like is that the actual audio is generated by external (is in outside the computer that runs OsciStudio) analogue oscillators. OsciStudio would instead generate control voltages (via normal computer sound card with DC coupled outputs) that make the external oscilators generate the expected audio signal. If we take the Joranalogue Generate 3 eurorack oscillator as an example, then OsciStudio would need to generate anywhere from 1 to 9 control voltages (for pitch, FM and AM modulation, phase and sync). Would this be possible?





ok, i’m not exactly sure why you’re trying to achieve this, but … you should be able to get a tiny bit of the way already.

you will need an external audio interface that is dc coupled on both, the input and the output. for instance all motu interfaces should work.

now do the following:

  1. on the start screen of oscistudio select the external interface for both input and output
  2. on the first channel of oscistudio, select “mic” as source input (it defaults to “base”)
  3. right click the coordinate system above the source, and select any shape

witih this setup you have one phase input (the first channel of your audio interface), and two control outputs (the first two outputs of your audio interface).

does that get you a tiny part of the way?


ps. it’s possible that i still don’t really understand why you want external oscillators to drive.

if you can give me an example, maybe things become clearer.