Video Output to ISADORA


OsciStudio Version:7.0
Operating System: MacBookPro10,1 / Intel Core i7 / 2,4 GHz


greetings to all members of this forum.

I’m just starting with OsciStudio - I’m looking forward to an inspiring work with this fascinating software - full of ideas !

First of all - does anybody have experiences in connecting OsciStudio with the video software ISADORA ?

I wanna send the video output to this program - is Syphon the right way ?

Thanks in advance !




are you in a rush? oscistudio does not currently have syphon output, but i’m happy to add it!


Yes Syphon output would be amazing!!


moin moin - this project is longtermed - so i’m not in a hurry - this would be great - i think some guys more from the isadora community would appreciate your add-on.
for the moment i work with a little but genious plug-in from isadora itself - its called screen capture - and it is perfect for my first test performance in august. there i can sent the fullscreen oscimusic directly to an input - but sometimes it is not so stabil - so for the future a solution with syphon output would be perfect !